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International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRapidM)

International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Application of additive manufacturing to the digital restoration of archaeological artefactsFangjin Zhang; Robert I. Campbell; Ian J. GrahamVol.6 No.175-94Free access
Assessing the challenges and issues in entry-level additive manufacturing machineVimal Kumar Pathak; Amit Kumar SinghVol.6 No.153-74Free access
The parametric making of geometry: the Platonic solidsDaniela BertolVol.6 No.133-52Free access
Fabrication of biocompatible enclosures for an electronic implant using 3D printingScott Adams; Abbas Z. Kouzani; Mazher Mohammed; Clara Usma; Susannah J. TyeVol.6 No.117-32Free access
Calibration of a numerical model for heat transfer and fluid flow in an extruderThomas Hofstätter; David Bue Pedersen; Jakob S. Nielsen; Rodrigo Pimentel; Michael Mischkot; Hans Nørgaard HansenVol.6 No.11-16Free access


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