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International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRapidM)

International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Parametric advancement of numerical model to predict the mechanical properties of friction stir processed AA5052C. Chanakyan; S. SivasankarVol.8 No.1/2147-160Free access
Investigation of mathematical model to optimise the mechanical properties of friction stir processed AA6082R. Bharathikanna; G. ElatharasanVol.8 No.1/2133-146Free access
Optimisation of identical parallel machine scheduling problemSomasundaram Kamaraj; M. SaravananVol.8 No.1/2123-132Free access
A study on machinability evaluation of Al-Gr-B4C MMC using response surface methodology-based desirability analysis and artificial neural network techniqueS. Ponnuvel; N. SenthilkumarVol.8 No.1/295-122Free access
Agility in small sized pump manufacturing companies - an exploration in an Indian scenarioA. Peramanan; P.K. Palani; S.R. Devadasan; V. SureshVol.8 No.1/277-94Free access
Optimisation of free vibration analysis on structural plates of fibre reinforced laminated compositesD.R. Rajkumar; K.P. Padmanaban; R. Rathan RajVol.8 No.1/265-76Free access
Mechanical properties of 7075-t6 aluminium alloy surface hybrid composites synthesised by friction stir processingK. Periasamy; M. Jayaraman; S. RajkumarVol.8 No.1/252-64Free access
Preparation and testing of fibre reinforced Zea mays and Calotropis gigantea concrete material under various testing conditionsT. Sathish; V. MohanavelVol.8 No.1/234-51Free access
Studies on mechanical properties of the sintered bronze-graphite compositesK. Ramasamy; K. Subramanian; G. Sozhan; Su. VenkatesanVol.8 No.1/216-33Free access
Trajectory tracking control of two-link industrial robot manipulator based on C++Bose Selvam; U. Natarajan; M. Balasubramonian; S.K. LakshmanaprabuVol.8 No.1/23-15Free access