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International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services (IJQRS)

International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Thailand's perceived medical tourism service quality: a content analysis of international patients' online testimonialsMichael Guiry; Theresa Ann VegaVol.2 No.162-80Free access
Customer participation in services: a framework for process designMarlene Amorim; Philip Moscoso; Alejandro LagoVol.2 No.147-61Free access
An interpretive structural modelling for sustainable healthcare quality dimensions in hospital servicesFaisal Talib; Zillur RahmanVol.2 No.128-46Free access
Voices of experience: service users as advisors in a research project on the needs of homeless womenHilary Abrahams; Joe James; Lucy Powell; Emma Williamson; Karen Morgan; Ailsa Cameron; Lorna HenryVol.2 No.113-27Free access
Service blueprinting and process-chain-network: an ontological comparisonYahya Kazemzadeh; Simon K. Milton; Lester W. JohnsonVol.2 No.11-12Free access