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International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services (IJQRS)

International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The influence of social media on destination choice of Omani pleasure travellersAbdulaziz Mohammed AlsawafiVol.3 No.177-91Free access
A critical review analysis about the movie Ratatouille and its impact on culinary tourismD.P. SudhagarVol.3 No.170-76Free access
The role of FDA enforcement in misleading product labelling claims in hospitalityGina Marano; Tony L. HenthorneVol.3 No.159-69Free access
Perceptions of top management about the total rewards statement: a case study in the retail sectorDale J. Albrecht; Babu GeorgeVol.3 No.136-58Free access
A case study of Apple v. Samsung and how big data analytics might have changed the outcomeChloé Salome Margulis; Brian J. GalliVol.3 No.121-35Free access
How ethics impacts hacktivism: a reflection of eventsBrian J. GalliVol.3 No.111-20Free access
Exploring entrepreneurial architecture for the service industries: the emerging role of storytelling in higher educationNoel Criscione-NaylorVol.3 No.11-10Free access