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International Journal of Quality and Innovation (IJQI)

International Journal of Quality and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Quality evaluation of residential houses: the development of a real-time quality assessment toolMichalis Menicou; Vassos Vassiliou; Marios Charalambides; Petros ChristouVol.2 No.180-104Free access
The influence of the level of implementation of lean management on employees: an empirical studyNestor Raúl Baides; José Moyano-FuentesVol.2 No.161-79Free access
A study of strategic orientation and product competitive advantage in Chinese emerging marketYushan ZhaoVol.2 No.144-60Free access
Individual learning, ideation and innovation management - discussion paper seen from innovation management practicesJacob BrixVol.2 No.137-43Free access
Demarcation: a dynamic methodology for quality grading within the Australian wine industryDavid AylwardVol.2 No.118-36Free access
The effects of lean thinking on service workers value productivity: a conceptual frameworkAyham Jaaron; Chris BackhouseVol.2 No.11-17Free access