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International Journal of Quality and Innovation (IJQI)

International Journal of Quality and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Exploration of quality dimensions that influence customer perceptions of service performance: insights from higher educationAlbert Justice KwartengVol.5 No.176-100Free access
The road to project success: the role of risk awareness and risk management in managing overconfidence among project managersIqra Nawaz; Muhammad ArslanVol.5 No.162-75Free access
Innovation and knowledge spillover: insights from the Ethiopian manufacturing industryShimelis Tilahun; Eshetie BerhanVol.5 No.133-61Free access
How can we generate innovative ideas for new product development?Pratap Chandra MandalVol.5 No.117-32Free access
Second-career academics and the quality of business educationLiap-Teck OngVol.5 No.11-16Free access