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International Journal of Product Sound Quality (IJPSQ)

International Journal of Product Sound Quality

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design and evaluation of a new composite spine supportSimin Nasseri; Mohammad Jonaidi; Salim Kortobi; Timothy Plowman; George WilliamsVol.1 No.178-90Free access
Design, finite element analysis and fabrication of composite orthoses for bunions: a comprehensive studySimin Nasseri; Mohammad Jonaidi; Salim Kortobi; George Williams; Logan WillisVol.1 No.159-77Free access
Vibration-based crack detection in cantilever beams using Rao-1 algorithmS. Manikanta Reddy; M. Senthilkumar; T.G. SreekanthVol.1 No.146-58Free access
Investigation on orientation effects of modified rocker arm for vibratory part feeder in assembly automationMohan Arumugam; Prabukarthi Arumugam; Suresh Mayilswamy; R. Naga DhatshanaVol.1 No.129-45Free access
Effect of granite filler on the mechanical and damping behaviour of silk-sisal hybrid composite for automobile applicationsK. Sripriyan; S. Aravind; S. Gopinath; G. YeshwantVol.1 No.118-28Free access
Design and modelling of a portable ultrasonic cleanerQihan Zheng; Jinyang Xu; Xingjian Shi; Yiyun YuVol.1 No.13-17Free access