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  • Design and Modeling of a Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner   Order a copy of this article
    by Qihan Zheng, Jinyang Xu, Xingjian Shi, Yiyun Yu 
    Abstract: In view of the shortcomings of the existing kitchen ultrasonic cleaning equipment, this paper designs a portable ultrasonic cleaner, which is free of installation on the basis of meeting the daily cleaning needs of the kitchen. The cleaner specifically includes an ultrasonic transducer group, a waterproof sealed box, and a control system. During the working operation, continuous high-frequency electrical excitations are generated through the power supply circuit and control circuit in the master control box. Then the ultrasonic signals are generated through the electromechanical conversion of the transducer group and transmitted to the sink through the shell. Additionally, the equipment uses the cavitation effects caused by ultrasonic waves to clean stains. This paper determines the appropriate size of the transducer through theoretical calculations and uses the finite element simulation to verify its performance parameters. Finally, the COMSOL multi-physics coupling analysis was carried out to obtain the sound pressure level distribution generated by the device in the sink to validate the cleaning performance of the designed equipment.
    Keywords: ultrasonic cleaning; ultrasonic transducer; finite element simulation; multi-physics coupling analysis.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJPSQ.2022.10047180