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International Journal of Procurement Management (IJPM)

International Journal of Procurement Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Concurrent sourcing as a termination safeguardNiels Peter Mols; Paula Sarita Bigio SchnaiderVol.17 No.1138-150Free access
Designing an innovative model of education management using fuzzy techniqueMohammad Alipour Fathkoohi; Mohammad Hassan Behzadi; Hamid Rasouli; Ahmad Shahvarani SemnaniVol.17 No.1106-137Free access
A review of the influence of capital structure on the relationship between corporate governance and firm performanceMarwan Mansour; Hafiza Aishah Hashim; Faozi A. Almaqtari; Waleed M. Al-ahdalVol.17 No.179-105Free access
Application of e-auction based on Procurement 4.0 strategies in a global company of the power systems sector in BrazilUgo Ibusuki; Ailton Conde Jussani; Renan Degaspari de Araújo; Rafaela de Paula KotoVol.17 No.160-78Free access
Leadership practice on economic sustainabilityMohsen A. Moqbel; Amgad S.D. Khaled; Asif AkhtarVol.17 No.144-59Free access
Analysis of multiple structural relationships among employer brand, proposition value and intention to leave the organisationAli Ostad Hashemi; Fateme Nouri; Negin Gholami; Mansoureh HouraliVol.17 No.126-43Free access
Factors affecting the time overrun of road construction projects in EthiopiaHamed M.S. Ahmed; Mitku Assefa; Eldana Cheru KassaVol.17 No.11-25Free access