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International Journal of Power Electronics (IJPElec)

International Journal of Power Electronics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design, implementation and performance evaluation of different digital control techniques for current controlled DC-DC Buck converterDipen M. Vachhani; Rajesh Arya; Uma Rathore BhattVol.17 No.197-128Free access
Optimum regulation of THD profile in multilevel inverter using parameter-less AI technique for electrical vehicle applicationKaushal Bhatt; Sandeep ChakravortyVol.17 No.178-96Free access
A novel hybrid discontinuous PWM algorithm for 3L-NPC inverterLiping Zhong; Song HuVol.17 No.153-77Free access
Performance investigation of a transistor clamped H-bridge inverter-based dynamic voltage restorer for mitigating various power quality problemsHumeera Altaf; Abdul Hamid BhatVol.17 No.129-52Free access
Phase locked loop parameterisation in AC/DC interconnected system for a multi-source AGC system under open market environmentSaha Debdeep; Saikia Lalit ChandraVol.17 No.11-28Free access