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International Journal of Power Electronics (IJPElec)

International Journal of Power Electronics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Power sharing control strategy of parallel inverters in AC microgrid using improved reverse droop controlChethan Raj D; Dattatraya N. Gaonkar; Josep M. GuerreroVol.11 No.1116-137Free access
Fuzzy-PI controller applied to PMSM speed controller: design and experimental evaluationHicham Fadil; Mohamed Larbi ElhafyaniVol.11 No.1102-115Free access
A comparative closed-loop performances of a DC-DC switched-mode boost converter with classical and PSO-based optimised type-II/III controllersNiraj Rana; Arnab Ghosh; Subrata BanerjeeVol.11 No.174-101Free access
A modular DC-DC converter with zero voltage switching capabilityFarzad Sedaghati; Reza HaghmaramVol.11 No.156-73Free access
Optimum pulse-width modulation strategy for a symmetric cascaded multilevel inverterAshraf Yahya; Syed M. Usman AliVol.11 No.138-55Free access
A new reduced switch count three phase multilevel inverterR. Geetha; M. RamaswamyVol.11 No.120-37Free access
Selective harmonics elimination for three-phase seven-level CHB inverter using backtracking search algorithmSourabh Kundu; Arka Deb Burman; Santu Kr. Giri; Sarbani Mukherjee; Subrata BanerjeeVol.11 No.11-19Free access