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International Journal of Power Electronics (IJPElec)

International Journal of Power Electronics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Simulated topology of doubly powered asynchronous motor with diode clamped inverterWalid Emar; Omar A. SaraerehVol.10 No.1/2173-185Free access
Harmonic injection technique-based grid impedance estimation for an LCL-filtered grid connected inverter - an investigationR. Parthiban; T. Nivetha; B. UmamaheswariVol.10 No.1/2155-172Free access
A novel three-phase multilevel inverter structure using switched capacitor basic unit for renewable energy conversion systemsTapas Roy; Neha Aarzoo; Pradip Kumar Sadhu; Abhijit DasguptaVol.10 No.1/2133-154Free access
An experimental investigation of scalar control-based induction motor drive using digital signal processorNitin Gupta; Jitendra Kumar NamaVol.10 No.1/2102-132Free access
Design and simulation of bi-directional DC-DC converter with dual switch forward snubberBhatt Kunalkumar; R.A. Gupta; Nitin GuptaVol.10 No.1/282-101Free access
Three phase PWM converter using PI and fuzzy with hysteresis current controllerAnurag Dwivedi; A.N. TiwariVol.10 No.1/265-81Free access
A new multi-level inverter with reduced number of switches based on modified H-bridgeT. Annamalai; K. UdhayakumarVol.10 No.1/249-64Free access
Relevance of adaptive protection scheme using phasor measurement unit in Indian power gridDeepa S. Kumar; J.S. SavierVol.10 No.1/233-48Free access
A comparative study of universal fuzzy logic and PI speed controllers for four switch BLDC motor driveK.S. Krishna Veni; N. Senthil Kumar; C. Senthil KumarVol.10 No.1/218-32Free access
LMI based stability analysis of non-linearly perturbed DC motor speed control system with constant and time-varying delaysV. Venkatachalam; D. Prabhakaran; M. Thirumarimurugan; K. RamakrishnanVol.10 No.1/21-17Free access