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International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education (IJPEE)

International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education (IJPEE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
'Would women leaders have prevented the global financial crisis?' Teaching critical thinking by questioning a questionJulie A. NelsonVol.4 No.2192-209Free access
Explaining neoclassical economists' pro-growth agenda: does the popular Solow growth model bias economic analysis?Hendrik Van den BergVol.3 No.140-62Free access
Student attitudes toward economic pluralism: survey-based evidenceJohn T. HarveyVol.2 No.3270-290Free access
Contending economic perspectives at a liberal arts college: a 25-year retrospectiveCharles BaroneVol.2 No.119-38Free access
Do feedback diagrams promote learning in macroeconomics?I. David WheatVol.1 No.4343-355Free access
A heterodox teaching of neoclassical microeconomic theoryFrederic S. LeeVol.1 No.3203-235Free access
Plurality to pluralism in economics pedagogy: the role of critical thinkingIoana NegruVol.1 No.3185-193Free access
Haiku economics: little teaching aids for big economic pluralistsStephen T. ZiliakVol.1 No.1/2108-129Free access