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International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion (IJPEC)

International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An effective management of scheduling-tasks by using MPP and MAP in smart gridBasetty MallikarjunaVol.13 No.199-116Free access
A review on model predictive control techniques applied to hierarchical control of AC microgridsT. Vigneswaran; R. JayapragashVol.13 No.160-98Free access
A load flow analysis for distribution system under various mathematical load models of electric vehicleLokendra Kumar; RaviVol.13 No.148-59Free access
The effective tasks management of workflows inspired by NIM-game strategy in smart grid environmentBasetty MallikarjunaVol.13 No.124-47Free access
A novel optimisation technique based on swarm intelligence for congestion management in transmission linesVatsala Sharma; Pratima WaldeVol.13 No.11-23Free access