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International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion (IJPEC)

International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Reliability analysis of the PMU microwave communication networks using generalised stochastic Petri netsBhargav Appasani; Dusmanta Kumar MohantaVol.11 No.199-116Free access
Design strategies for speed control of an inverter fed permanent magnet synchronous motor driveRamana Pilla; Alice Mary Karlapudy; Surya Kalavathi MunagalaVol.11 No.182-98Free access
A hybrid Hilbert Huang transform and improved fuzzy decision tree classifier for assessment of power quality disturbances in a grid connected distributed generation systemRanjeeta Bisoi; Tatiana Chakravorti; Nihar Ranjan NayakVol.11 No.160-81Free access
Variable structure power control under different operating conditions of PM synchronous generator wind farm connected to electrical networkYoussef Errami; Abdellatif Obbadi; Smail Sahnoun; Mohammed Ouassaid; Mohamed MaaroufiVol.11 No.122-59Free access
Empirical wavelet transform and dual feed-forward neural network for classification of power quality disturbancesKarthik Thirumala; Aditi Kanjolia; Trapti Jain; Amod C. UmarikarVol.11 No.11-21Free access