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International Journal of Petroleum Engineering (IJPE)

International Journal of Petroleum Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A permeability model for gas flow in coal considering the water content and slippage effectJianhua Li; Bobo Li; Jiang Xu; Zhihe Wang; Zheng Gao; Yao ZhangVol.3 No.4305-329Free access
A technique to fight against formation damage via turbulence control for saltwater disposalJ. Jim Wu; Wendy Jiang; Rixing Zhang; Nellie ChuVol.3 No.4286-304Free access
Selection of friction reducer for slickwater fracturing to achieve both fracking robustness and production maximisationJ. Jim WuVol.3 No.4270-285Free access
Gravitational sorption method for extraction of vanadium-containing oil from reservoirs with the use of redox polymersBulbul M. NuranbayevaVol.3 No.4255-269Free access