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International Journal of Petroleum Engineering (IJPE)

International Journal of Petroleum Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A study on the effects of surrounding faults on optimisation of improve oil recovery process by using a genetic algorithm self-codeMoein Habibi Moghaddam; Riyaz KharratVol.2 No.160-78Free access
A new approach in pressure transient analysis part I: improved diagnosis of flow regimes in oil and gas wellsVictor Torkiowei Biu; Shi-Yi ZhengVol.2 No.138-59Free access
Evaluation of optimum surfactant concentration needed for Niger delta oil recovery in NigeriaMamudu Abbas; Taiwo Oluwaseun; Olafuyi OlalekanVol.2 No.120-37Free access
Screening and optimisation of water/foam/gas injection EOR scenarios in a fractured reservoirMohammad Amin Bagrezaie; Peyman PourafsharyVol.2 No.11-19Free access