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International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation (IJMRI)

International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Four years of structural health monitoring of the San Pietro bell tower in Perugia, Italy: two years before the earthquake versus two years afterPier Francesco Giordano; Filippo Ubertini; Nicola Cavalagli; Alban Kita; Maria Giovanna MasciottaVol.5 No.4445-467Free access
Validation of a two-step simplified compatible homogenisation approach extended to out-plane loaded masonriesElisa Bertolesi; Luis Carlos Silva; Gabriele MilaniVol.4 No.3265-296Free access
Seismic vulnerability assessment of churches at regional scale after the 2009 L'Aquila earthquakeGianfranco De Matteis; Giuseppe Brando; Valentina Corlito; Emanuela Criber; Mariateresa GuadagnuoloVol.4 No.1/2174-196Free access
Crack patterns identification in masonry structures with a C° displacement energy methodAntonino Iannuzzo; Fabiana De Serio; Antonio Gesualdo; Giulio Zuccaro; Antonio Fortunato; Maurizio AngelilloVol.3 No.3295-323Free access
Investigation of the structural behaviour of a masonry castle by considering the actual damageMaria E. Stavroulaki; Georgios A. Drosopoulos; Efstathia Tavlopoulou; Nikos Skoutelis; Georgios E. StavroulakisVol.3 No.11-33Free access
Numerical analysis of masonry structures by finite-discrete element modelŽeljana Nikolić; Hrvoje Smoljanović; Nikolina ŽivaljićVol.1 No.4330-350Free access