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International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation (IJMRI)

International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation (IJMRI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Sensitivity analysis of the seismic performance of ancient mixed masonry-RC buildings in LisbonJelena Milosevic; Serena Cattari; Rita BentoVol.3 No.2108-154Free access
Experimental investigations on the initial shear strength of masonry with earth mortarsPatrick Fontana; Lorenzo Miccoli; Ulf GrünbergVol.3 No.134-49Free access
Contact representation in rigid block models of masonryJosé V. LemosVol.2 No.4321-334Free access
DEM numerical approach for masonry aqueducts in seismic zone: two valuable Portuguese examplesAlberto Drei; Gabriele Milani; Gabriela SincraianVol.2 No.11-29Free access
Masonry walls subjected to in-plane cyclic loading: application of digital image correlation for deformation field measurementNebojša Mojsilović; Amir Hosein SalmanpourVol.1 No.2165-187Free access
Nonlinear finite element modelling of high bond thin-layer mortared concrete masonryJ.A. Thamboo; M. DhanasekarVol.1 No.15-26Free access