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International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation (IJMLO)

International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Advancement and research trends of smart learning environments in the mobile eraGwo-Jen Hwang; Qing-Ke FuVol.14 No.1114-129Free access
Effects of a mobile technology-supported peer assessment approach on students' learning motivation and perceptions in a college flipped dance classLu-Ho Hsia; Han-Yu SungVol.14 No.199-113Free access
Stakeholders' perceptions of integrating mobile devices in teaching and learningAisha Salim Ali Al-Harthi; Chris Campbell; Houda Abdullah Al-HosniVol.14 No.180-98Free access
The use of student response systems with learning analytics: a review of case studies (2008-2017)Kam Cheong Li; Billy Tak-Ming WongVol.14 No.163-79Free access
Voluntary participation and natural grouping with smartphones: an effective and practical approach to implement a quasi-experimentJiyou Jia; Zhenzhen ChenVol.14 No.149-62Free access
Using Kahoot in law school: differentiated instruction for working adults with diverse learning abilitiesDaniel SeahVol.14 No.136-48Free access
Optimising the learning process with immersive virtual reality and non-immersive virtual reality in an educational environmentVivian W.Y. Lee; Paula Hodgson; Chung-Shing Chan; Agnes Fong; Sonia W.L. CheungVol.14 No.121-35Free access
A mobile application with augmented reality in exploring the natural environment of Hong KongSin-Chun Ng; Ho-Chun Lee; King-Nam Cheng; Heung-Hang NganVol.14 No.13-20Free access