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International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE)

International Journal of Management in Education

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Drivers of experience of students and parents in basic education: a perspective based on relationship qualityDiogo Richartz Benke; Claudimar Pereira Da Veiga; Renato Zancan MarchettiVol.14 No.194-119Free access
Exploring change in higher education: a case of doctoral education reformsSlaven MihaljevićVol.14 No.167-93Free access
Investigating the roles of educational usage activities and motivations behind continuance intention for Facebook assisted student engagementAnny MardjoVol.14 No.149-66Free access
Different levels of loyalty towards the higher education service: evidence from a small university in SpainMartina G. Gallarza; Teresa Fayos-Gardó; Francisco Arteaga-Moreno; David Servera-Francés; Elena Floristán-ImizcozVol.14 No.136-48Free access
The perception of faculty members to organisational virtuousness in the university setting: the case for JordanSamer Khasawneh; Mahmoud K. Al-Jaradat; Salah Hailat; Omar BatainehVol.14 No.118-35Free access
The perceptions of primary education head teachers, deputy head teachers and teachers on the role of deputy head teachersVasiliki Brinia; Maria Mastora; Paraskevi PsoniVol.14 No.11-17Free access