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International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies (IJKMS)

International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Why is there no consensus on what knowledge management is?Fábio Corrêa; Claudio Paixão Anastácio De Paula; Dárlinton Barbosa Feres Carvalho; Miranda Fuzikawa AnastácioVol.13 No.190-109Free access
The effects of a spiral model knowledge-based conversion cycle on improving knowledge-based organisations performanceNazila Moftian; Yousef Gheibi; Ruhollah Khara; Hamid Safarpour; Taha Samad-Soltani; Mehdi Vakili; Saeideh FooladlouVol.13 No.171-89Free access
Knowledge sharing in the banking sector: a systematic literature review and research agendaDarci De Borba; Marcirio Silveira Chaves; Mírian OliveiraVol.13 No.155-70Free access
The interplay of strategies and knowledge for competitive advantages in a medium low-tech industrial cluster located in an emerging countryMarcos Ferasso; Adam Sulich; Gemma Durán-Romero; Andrzej SztandoVol.13 No.133-54Free access
Analysing and visualising the trends in knowledge management: towards a normative knowledge management frameworkBurcu Kör; Meltem Mutlutürk; Marjolein C.J. CaniëlsVol.13 No.11-32Free access