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International Journal of Intelligent Systems Design and Computing (IJISDC)

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Design and Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Application of Epanechnikov kernel smoothing technique in disability dataJumi Kalita; Pranita SarmahVol.1 No.1/2198-204Free access
Medical device design - an introduction to systems riskKaustav Jyoti BorahVol.1 No.1/2186-197Free access
Intramodal palmprint recognition using texture featureY.L. Malathi Latha; Munaga V.N.K. PrasadVol.1 No.1/2168-185Free access
Cluster labelling using chi-square-based keyword ranking and mutual information score: a hybrid approachRajendra Kumar Roul; Sanjay Kumar SahayVol.1 No.1/2145-167Free access
An improved extreme learning machine to classify multinomial datasets using particle swarm optimisationNilamadhab Dash; Rojalina Priyadarshini; Rachita MisraVol.1 No.1/2127-144Free access
Identity verification system: a visual cryptography-based approach to prevent fraudulent in admission processDhiraj Pandey; Uma Shankar RawatVol.1 No.1/2107-126Free access
A new look at compactly supported biorthogonal Riesz bases of waveletsMahendra Kumar Jena; Manas Ranjan MishraVol.1 No.1/287-106Free access
Speech recognition using deep neural network - recent trendsMousmita SarmaVol.1 No.1/271-86Free access
Design of prisoner's dilemma-based fuzzy C-means computed torque controller for PUMA-560 robot manipulatorCh Ravi Kumar; K.R. Sudha; D.V. PushpalathaVol.1 No.1/256-70Free access
Diagnosis of EEG-based diseases using data mining and case-based reasoningBabita Pandey; Depika KundraVol.1 No.1/243-55Free access
Markov chains and linear model-based hybrid prediction algorithm for cognitive agentsSmail Tigani; Mouhamed Ouzzif; Abderrahim HasbiVol.1 No.1/228-42Free access
Design and development of web enabled fuzzy expert system using rule advancement strategyArun Solanki; Ela KumarVol.1 No.1/23-27Free access