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International Journal of Immunological Studies (IJIS)

International Journal of Immunological Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Therapeutic impacts of Indian and Korean ginseng on human beings – a reviewR. Seenivasagam, S. Sathiyamoorthy, K. HemavathiVol.1 No.3297-317Free access
Analysis of essential trace elements in some traditional Indian medicinal plants using instrumental neutron activation analysis and atomic absorption spectroscopy techniquesRam S. Lokhande, Mahadeo L. Andhale, Pravin U. SingareVol.1 No.3285-296Free access
Expression of different filarial parasite adult stage antigens during course of DEC treatment in mouse model of Brugian filariasisMohammad A. Khan, M. Saleemuddin, Puvadda K. MurthyVol.1 No.3272-284Free access
Cytokine therapy: clinical and progressive status in cancerVemuri Praveen Kumar, Mamidi Sai Ratna Mounica, Tadikamalla N.L. Swetha, Gogineni V.S.N. Lakshmi, Tullimilli Anusri, Pemmaraju Lakshmi Amulya, Anne SirishaVol.1 No.3264-271Free access
Hepatitis G virus (HGV): where we stand and what to do?Q. Mughis Uddin AhmedVol.1 No.3255-263Free access
Hypothesis for a common-cause underlying both autoimmune-diseases and allergiesBorros M. ArnethVol.1 No.3249-254Free access
Prediction of mutations in ATM gene responsible for breast cancer in women – a cancer-informatics approachR. Sindhuja, R. Seenivasagam, K. HemavathiVol.1 No.3229-248Free access