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International Journal of Innovation and Learning (IJIL)

International Journal of Innovation and Learning

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The moderating effect of gamification on the relationship between customer engagement and new service development process involvementVoravee Ruengaramrut; Vincent Ribiere; Stefania MarianoVol.27 No.193-119Free access
Tertiary education and labour market in Slovenia - a case of ISSBS master students' study and employment satisfactionVesna Skrbinjek; Dušan LesjakVol.27 No.179-92Free access
The development of social emotional learning programs in a cross-cultural elementary classroomSaowanee Pinchumphonsang; Sumalee ChanchalorVol.27 No.158-78Free access
E-learning experiment: web conference activities in teaching at a traditional universityDonatella Gubiani; Matjaž Mozetič; Barbara Koroušić Seljak; Tanja UrbančičVol.27 No.137-57Free access
Business ecosystem perspective on innovation policy: a case study of San Diego life sciencesJukka Majava; Satu Rinkinen; Vesa HarmaakorpiVol.27 No.119-36Free access
The impact of different teaching methods on learning motivation - a sociological case study on Hungarian vocational educationÁgnes Győri; Ágnes CzakóVol.27 No.11-18Free access