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International Journal of Innovation and Learning (IJIL)

International Journal of Innovation and Learning

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Is teaming possible for enhancing a teaching style towards developing Thai undergraduates' learning and performance behaviour?Pichaphob Panphae; Ravee PhoewhawmVol.29 No.1106-127Free access
Group learning: an analysis of individuals in software development teams who perform interdependent tasksLetícia Rodrigues Da Fonseca; Marcelo Ribeiro Silva; Sheldon William Silva; Guilherme Marques PereiraVol.29 No.189-105Free access
Determinants of innovative development and their importance for small and medium-sized enterprises in PolandRobert StanisławskiVol.29 No.167-88Free access
Human resource development and spiritual intelligence: an investigation amongst management students in Delhi NCRNavneet Gera; Walter Vesperi; Davide Di Fatta; Ajay Sahni; Anjali AroraVol.29 No.145-66Free access
The impact of management method on IT projects successSigal Kordova; Moti Zwilling; Omer RozenVol.29 No.118-44Free access
Innovativeness in Brazilian startups: the effect of the absorptive capacity and environmental dynamismCarlos Eduardo Carvalho; Carlos Ricardo Rossetto; Andrezza Aparecida Saraiva PiekasVol.29 No.11-17Free access