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International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise (IJIE)

International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Monetary policy in tough times - case study approachAshutosh Kolte; Ameya Patil; Hoshiar MalVol.8 No.1105-122Free access
Impact of price control on pharmaceutical sector with reference to IndiaAshutosh Kolte; Hoshiar Mal; Mugdha Fulambrikar; Aishwarya JagtapVol.8 No.190-104Free access
Factors influencing the consumer buying behaviour in the competitive era: an empirical study of consumer durable in VietnamH-C. PhamVol.8 No.174-89Free access
Word sense disambiguation in Tamil using Indo-WordNet and cross-language semantic similarityDeepa Karuppaiah; P.M. Durai Raj VincentVol.8 No.162-73Free access
A new dominant point detection technique for polygonal approximation of digital planar closed curvesS. Kalaivani; Bimal Kumar RayVol.8 No.144-61Free access
A new approach to multi-objective transportation problem forbinding relationship between warehouse to consumer and consumer to consumerBhabani Mallia; Chakradhar Das; Manjula Das; Srikanta PatnaikVol.8 No.129-43Free access
The evaluation pattern of Indian investors on role of stockbrokers to determination of investment decisionK. Prabhakar RajkumarVol.8 No.118-28Free access
Topological properties of multigranular rough sets on intuitionistic fuzzy approximation spacesAvulapalli Jayaram Reddy; B.K. TripathyVol.8 No.11-17Free access