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International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise (IJIE)

International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A formal design in the generation of an array PIN using a Petri net model and implementation for secure transactionsS. Vaithyasubramanian; D. Lalitha; A. ChristyVol.9 No.1116-128Free access
The impact of corporate governance on banks' earnings managementThi Thanh Binh Nguyen; Min-Ru TsaiVol.9 No.1100-115Free access
Price discovery and volatility transmission in the spot and futures market of pepper: an empirical analysisAsha Nadig; T. ViswanathanVol.9 No.178-99Free access
Economic, political and institutional determinants of foreign direct investment inflow in emerging and developing AsiaAnil Kumar GoyalVol.9 No.159-77Free access
Analysing the entrepreneurial intentions through intellectual capital: evidences from IndiaAhmed Musa Khan; Mohd Yasir Arafat; Mohd Anas RaushanVol.9 No.141-58Free access
Impact of organisational justice on perception of ability-job-fit in a changing environmentMrinali TikareVol.9 No.124-40Free access
Workplace spirituality and employees' readiness for change as precursors to innovative work behaviour: an empirical examinationNimitha Aboobaker; K.A. Zakkariya; Manoj EdwardVol.9 No.16-23Free access