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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology (IJICT)

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Video encryption based on chaotic array system: working with image directlyHongyan Zang; Jing Yang; Guodong LiVol.16 No.184-97Free access
An algorithm of decomposition and combinatorial optimisation based on 3-OtsuLiejun Wang; Junhui Wu; Jiwei QinVol.16 No.168-83Free access
Intelligent monitoring system for thermal energy consumption of buildings under the IoT technologyLu Wang; Difei JiangVol.16 No.153-67Free access
Study on the subway transfer recognition during rush hour based on big dataShushen Yao; Xiaoxiong WengVol.16 No.143-52Free access
Fuzzy judgment of edge features under dynamic constraints in pedestrian trackingYaomin HuVol.16 No.130-42Free access
Design of cloud computing-based foreign language teaching management system based on parallel computingKanmanli MaimaitiVol.16 No.117-29Free access
Stargan-based camera style transfer for person retrievalYuanyuan Wang; Zhijian Wang; Mingxin JiangVol.16 No.11-16Free access