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International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management (IJICBM)

International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Role of financial knowledge, financial socialisation and financial risk attitude in financial satisfaction of Indian individualsKumar Saurabh; Tanuj NandanVol.18 No.1104-122Free access
How important is applicants' perception about job relatedness of selection process?Mrityunjay Kumar Tiwary; Divya Upadhyay; Shobhit AggarwalVol.18 No.185-103Free access
Modelling the causal relationship between justice and citizenship behaviours: an Indian perspectivePooja Garg; Renu Rastogi; Parul MalikVol.18 No.159-84Free access
Definition schema for redefining leadership: an integrative approachPuneet K. Bindlish; Sharda S. Nandram; Rajen K. GuptaVol.18 No.134-58Free access
Value relevance of accounting information: comparative study of Indian public and private sector banksMeena Bhatia; Mwila J. MulengaVol.18 No.112-33Free access
Delineating problems faced by artisans of Rajasthan: a case of emic-etic-emic analysis of the customer perspectivePreetika Garg; Amita WaliaVol.18 No.11-11Free access