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International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (IJHST)

International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Comparative analysis of 1D hydrodynamic flood model using globally available DEMs – a case of the coastal regionAzazkhan I. Pathan; Prasit G. Agnihotri; Saeid Eslamian; Dhruvesh PatelVol.13 No.192-123Free access
Assessing flood exposure in informal neighbourhoods: a case study of Bou Saâda, AlgeriaZohra Abdelkrim; Brahim NouibatVol.13 No.174-91Free access
Risk assessment of flash flood potential in the humid tropics Indonesia: a case study in Tamiang River basinCut Azizah; Hidayat Pawitan; Bambang Dwi Dasanto; Iwan Ridwansyah; Muh TaufikVol.13 No.157-73Free access
Land use/land cover change detection and validation of SWAT model on VISHOW sub-basin using remote sensing and GIS techniquesMohammad Asif Naikoo; Manzoor Ahmad AhangerVol.13 No.143-56Free access
Loss methods in HEC-HMS model for streamflow projection under climate change: a reviewHabibu Ismail; Md Rowshon Kamal; Md Abdul Mojid; Ahmad Fikri Bin Abdullah; Lai Sai HinVol.13 No.123-42Free access
GAMA-RainFilter: a modified rainwater harvesting technique to meet the demand of clean water in Indonesia Agus Maryono; Sindu Nuranto; Pratama Tirza Surya Sembada; Himawan Tri Bayu Murti PetrusVol.13 No.11-22Free access