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International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (IJHST)

International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effect of roughness coefficient on discharge and flow depth by using hydraulic model for Nethravathi River Basin, IndiaPramodkumar Kappadi; M.K. Nagaraj; Paresh Chandra DekaVol.11 No.1114-124Free access
A hybrid model to assess the hydropower potential for riversAnas Mahmood Al-Juboori; Aytac GuvenVol.11 No.188-113Free access
Application of web enabled open source geospatial technologies in generation of water resource development planArati Paul; V.M. ChowdaryVol.11 No.176-87Free access
Assessment of climate variability and short-term land use land cover change effects on water quality of Cahaba River BasinPooja P. Preetha; Ashraf Z. Al-Hamdan; Michael D. AndersonVol.11 No.154-75Free access
GIS-based impact analysis of revitalisation of dried rivulets in Pampa River Basin, Kerala, IndiaN.A. Mayaja; C.V. SrinivasaVol.11 No.138-53Free access
Determination of distance advanced by the waterfront in a border strip land using Laplace transformationMahbub Hasan; Aschalew KassuVol.11 No.126-37Free access
The analysis of the most important climatic parameters affecting performance of crop variability in a changing climateSafieh Javadinejad; Saeid Eslamian; Kaveh Ostad-Ali-AskariVol.11 No.11-25Free access