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International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking (IJHPCN)

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Bloom filter-based framework for cache management in large cloud metadata databasesR. Anitha; Saswati MukherjeeVol.10 No.1/2148-155Free access
Live migration of virtual machines with their local persistent storage in a data intensive cloudAbhinit Modi; Raghavendra Achar; P. Santhi ThilagamVol.10 No.1/2134-147Free access
DCRMRP: distributed cooperative relay-based multihop routing protocol for WiMedia networksK.S. Umadevi; Arunkumar ThangaveluVol.10 No.1/2127-133Free access
Customer experience and associated customer behaviour in end user devices and technologies (smartphones, mobile internet, mobile financial services)Sujata Joshi; Sanjay Bhatia; Kiran Raikar; Harmanpreet PallVol.10 No.1/2118-126Free access
Achieving fine-grained access control and mitigating role explosion by utilising ABE with RBACBalamurugan Balusamy; Siddharth Ramachandran; Nalini PriyaVol.10 No.1/2109-117Free access
Fuzzy cost probability-based suppressed flooding multi-constrained QoS multicast routing for MANETs H. Santhi; N. JaisankarVol.10 No.1/2100-108Free access
Privacy preserving framework for brute force attacks in cloud environmentAmbika Vishal Pawar; Ajay R. DaniVol.10 No.1/291-99Free access
An analysis on the performance of hash table-based dictionary implementations with different data usage modelsM. Thenmozhi; H. SrimathiVol.10 No.1/278-90Free access
Fuzzy logic for decision-enablement: a novel context-awareness framework for smarter environmentsS. Rajaraajeswari; R. Selvarani; Pethuru Raj; P. MohanavadivuVol.10 No.1/264-77Free access
A personalised movie recommendation system based on collaborative filteringV. Subramaniyaswamy; R. Logesh; M. Chandrashekhar; Anirudh Challa; V. VijayakumarVol.10 No.1/254-63Free access
An optimised background modelling for efficient foreground extractionM. Sivagami; T. Revathi; L. JeganathanVol.10 No.1/244-53Free access
On the field design bug tolerance on a multi-core processor using FPGAHarini Sriraman; Pattabiraman VenkatasubbuVol.10 No.1/234-43Free access
Enhanced low latency queuing algorithm with active queue management for multimedia applications in wireless networksRukmani Panjanathan; Ganesan RamachandranVol.10 No.1/223-33Free access
HB-PPAC: hierarchy-based privacy preserving access control technique in public cloudSudha Senthilkumar; V. Madhu ViswanathamVol.10 No.1/213-22Free access
Virtual networks dependability assessment frameworkBaker Al-Rubaiey; Jemal H. AbawajyVol.10 No.1/23-12Free access


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