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International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking (IJHPCN)

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Load-balanced overlay recovery scheme with delay minimisationShengwen Tian; Hongyong YangVol.13 No.1119-128Free access
Creating a portable, high-level graph analytics paradigm for compute and data-intensive applicationsRobert Searles; Stephen Herbein; Travis Johnston; Michela Taufer; Sunita ChandrasekaranVol.13 No.1105-118Free access
Using the loop chain abstraction to schedule across loops in existing codeIan J. Bertolacci; Michelle Mills Strout; Jordan Riley; Stephen M.J. Guzik; Eddie C. Davis; Catherine OlschanowskyVol.13 No.186-104Free access
Developments in memory management in OpenMPJason Sewall; S. John Pennycook; Alejandro Duran; Christian Terboven; Xinmin Tian; Ravi NarayanaswamyVol.13 No.170-85Free access
Performance evaluation of OpenMP's target construct on GPUs - exploring compiler optimisationsAkihiro Hayashi; Jun Shirako; Etorre Tiotto; Robert Ho; Vivek SarkarVol.13 No.154-69Free access
Efficient implementation of OpenACC cache directive on NVIDIA GPUsAhmad Lashgar; Amirali BaniasadiVol.13 No.135-53Free access
PACC: a directive-based programming framework for out-of-core stencil computation on acceleratorsNobuhiro Miki; Fumihiko Ino; Kenichi HagiharaVol.13 No.119-34Free access
Acceleration of unstructured implicit low-order finite-element earthquake simulation using OpenACC on Pascal GPUsTakuma Yamaguchi; Kohei Fujita; Tsuyoshi Ichimura; Muneo Hori; Lalith MaddegedaraVol.13 No.13-18Free access