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International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability (IJHES)

International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Culture, communication skills and intellectual capital: a theoretical frameworkSaeed Askary; Nudrat Qayyum; Rick Van SantVol.1 No.188-101Free access
A conglomerate model for identification of the interaction between job satisfaction and job performance in a service institution - a context bound approachMurugesan Punniyamoorthy; Vilvanathan LavanyaVol.1 No.166-87Free access
Comparative analysis of sustainable facilities planning and users' satisfaction in Nigerian universities - a standardised residuals approachMartins Adenipekun; Abayomi Ibiyemi; Yasmin Mohd Adnan; Md Nasir DaudVol.1 No.140-65Free access
Residential cogeneration of heat and power: a promising way to sustainability, a challenging field for tutorsJohn Gelegenis; Petros AxaopoulosVol.1 No.119-39Free access
Introducing a transdisciplinary curriculum to foster student citizenship: a challenge beyond curricula reformHans Dieleman; Margarita Juarez-NajeraVol.1 No.13-18Free access