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International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability (IJHES)

International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
University access and 'comparative disadvantage' in Nigeria: a reflection on the criticality of equity for sustainable developmentJennifer Jomafuvwe AgbaireVol.2 No.164-79Free access
A tracer study on employability of business and economics graduates at Bahir Dar UniversityZeleke Siraye; Tiruneh Abebe; Mandefro Melese; Teramaj WaleVol.2 No.145-63Free access
A know your student analysis: a case study on the students of a higher education institute in IndiaJishnu Bhattacharyya; Manoj Kumar DashVol.2 No.130-44Free access
Role of the success of cloud computing in MOOC in online education environmentSaikat GochhaitVol.2 No.117-29Free access
Prior knowledge and academic performance in first year accounting courseIsmaila Yusuf; Samuel Joseph; James Uchenna OkpeVol.2 No.11-16Free access