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International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW)

International Journal of Global Warming

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimum insulation thickness for piping system using exergy and environmental methodsGülcan Özel; Emin Açıkkalp; Burak Görgün; Hasan Yamık; Necmettin CanerVol.11 No.1107-123Free access
Equilibrium and kinetic adsorption study of aqueous basic dye solutions using waste foundry sandElif Hatice Gürkan; Semra ÇoruhVol.11 No.187-106Free access
A review on improvement of coal-fired power plants and environmental benefits of ash utilisationSelcuk Samanli; Haluk Celik; Ozcan Oney; Yasar CanVol.11 No.167-86Free access
Regional characteristics of CO2 emissions from China's power generation: affinity propagation and refined Laspeyres decompositionWei Sun; Yujun He; Hong ChangVol.11 No.138-66Free access
Sequestration of carbon dioxide by red mud through direct mineral carbonation at room temperatureT.D. Rushendra Revathy; K. Palanivelu; A. RamachandranVol.11 No.123-37Free access
Long-term mean monthly temperatures trends of the United Arab EmiratesAli Umran KomuscuVol.11 No.11-22Free access


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