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International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW)

International Journal of Global Warming

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
NO and performance characteristics of a CI engine operated on emulsified fuelFatih Okumuş; Görkem Kökkülünk; Güven Gonca; Ibrahim KayaVol.30 No.1103-122Free access
Revisiting the relationship between income inequality and CO2 emissions in the USA: new evidence from CS-ARDL modelOguzhan Batmaz; Ferhat Çıtak; Muhammad Abdul KamalVol.30 No.181-102Free access
Quantifying the cooling effect of urban heat stress interventionsAiman Mazhar Qureshi; Ahmed Rachid; Debbie BartlettVol.30 No.160-80Free access
Evaluation of building design strategies according to the effects of climate change by simulation-based optimisation: a case study for housing in different climate regionsKübra Sumer Haydaraslan; Yalçın YaşarVol.30 No.133-59Free access
Experimental investigation of selective catalytic reduction system on CI engine for NOx reduction using urea and animal urine as catalystRaju B. Tirpude; Pravin Katare; Sanjay Rajurkar; Gajanan Awari; Yasin Karagöz; Ahmet Selim Dalkılıç; Somchai WongwisesVol.30 No.117-32Free access
Role of the COVID-19 imposed lockdown in climate changeArsalan RasheedVol.30 No.11-16Free access