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International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW)

International Journal of Global Warming

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The assessment of air quality in the Port of Ambarlı and several districts of IstanbulKaan Ünlügençoğlu; Fuat AlarçinVol.20 No.180-91Free access
Multi-perspective influence mechanism analysis and multi-scenario prediction of China's carbon emissionsTao Yi; Mohan Qiu; Hao Zheng; Jinpeng LiuVol.20 No.161-79Free access
Methodological framework for adopting sustainable transport measuresMaha AlsabbaghVol.20 No.137-60Free access
Social selection analysis for a role of nuclear power generation by evolutionary game theory in the aspect of global warming assessmentTae Ho WooVol.20 No.125-36Free access
Sedge for biogas production and improving the process by pretreating sedge prior to co-digestionNusara Sinbuathong; Netechanok Sombat; Wannapa KratayVol.20 No.112-24Free access
Analysis of carbon sequestration by dominant trees in urban areas of Thane cityAasawari A. Tak; Umesh B. KakdeVol.20 No.11-11Free access