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International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW)

International Journal of Global Warming

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A study on the use of propane (R-290) in vending machines as a substitute for R-134a to minimise the global warming potentialKhaled A. Alkhaledi; Kenneth MeansVol.14 No.1131-141Free access
Evaluation of wind energy potential in a university campusSaban Pusat; Mustafa Tahir AkkoyunluVol.14 No.1118-130Free access
Nonlinear dynamics of monthly temperature data set in the Northwestern (Marmara region) TurkeyHaci Ahmet Yildirim; Hamza AltinsoyVol.14 No.197-117Free access
A review on characteristics, advantages and limitations of palm oil biofuelMd. Iqbal Mahmud; Haeng Muk ChoVol.14 No.181-96Free access
Green sports supporting a low-carbon society: inspiration from JapanXiaochen Chen; Jia Niu; Ken'chi Nakagami; Qian Zhang; Xuepeng Qian; Jun NakajimaVol.14 No.161-80Free access
A novel alternative fuel for diesel engine: a comparative experimental investigationSenthil Ramalingam; Ramalingam Ganesan; Silambarasan Rajendran; Pranesh GanesanVol.14 No.140-60Free access
An evaluation of neat biodiesel/diesel performance, emission pattern of NOx and CO in compression ignition engineE.I. Onuh; Freddie L. InambaoVol.14 No.121-39Free access
Regional climate model simulation for temperature and precipitation over South Asia using different physical parameterisation schemesMujtaba Hassan; Pengfei DuVol.14 No.11-20Free access