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International Journal of Environment and Waste Management (IJEWM)

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Solid waste management and methane generation in Kota CityAnil K. Mathur; A.K. Dwivedi; Shikha SaxenaVol.26 No.1117-124Free access
Modelling and appraisal of cadmium removal from water by sustainable bio-waste of hen egg shellsAliya Fazal; Uzaira RafiqueVol.26 No.1102-116Free access
Eradicating poverty among the waste workers through waste collection? A case study of Dhaka CityMehe Zebunnesa Rahman; Chamhuri Siwar; Rawshan Ara BegumVol.26 No.185-101Free access
Study of strength properties of geopolymer compositeS.P. Prashanth; M.B. AnanthayyaVol.26 No.175-84Free access
Downstream market analysis of used oils in Trinidad and Tobago to inform an appropriate waste management strategyDonnie Boodlal; David Alexander; Sarim Al-Zubaidy; Maurissa CharlesVol.26 No.159-74Free access
An equilibrium and kinetic study for the removal of reactive red M5B using phosphoric acid treated activated carbonK. Senthamil Selvan; P. Meena Sundari; S. Madhavan; M. Palanivel; R. JayakumarVol.26 No.139-58Free access
Lean manufacturing in pharmaceutical closed-loop supply chainAnup Kumar; Kampan MukherjeeVol.26 No.114-38Free access
An eco-friendly novel technique for power generation utilising municipal waste water and sludge recyclingHarendra K. Sharma; Mudit Singh; Gajanan PandeyVol.26 No.11-13Free access