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International Journal of Environment and Waste Management (IJEWM)

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Willingness to pay and its determinants for improved solid waste management: a case studyMithun Ray; Phiban Khamti Ryngnga; Pompi ChetiaVol.31 No.1119-134Free access
Do human resource management practices influence environmental management in the ready-made garment industry? An empirical analysisMahi UddinVol.31 No.196-118Free access
An engineered production formula for enhanced artificial stone utilising stone cutting slurry and a superplasticiserArine A. Nassereldine; Tasneem Y. Ashhab; Maher Al-JabariVol.31 No.181-95Free access
Mollusk shell waste: alternatives for reuse in constructionAriane da Silva Cardoso; Emilia Rahnemay Kohlman Rabbani; Thayse Dayse Delmiro; Juliana Ferreira Bezerra Mocock; Sergio Peres Ramos da Silva; Gabriel Filippelli; José Vitor da Silva Macedo; Eliana C. Barreto MonteiroVol.31 No.161-80Free access
Changes in physical, chemical and biological variables of the leachate generated from municipal solid waste subjected to saline solution applicationRafael Lourenço Thomaz Favery; Miriam Gonçalves MiguelVol.31 No.142-60Free access
Removal of mineral scaling precursors from electrodialysis concentrate by alkaline precipitationEmily Mayer Andrade Becheleni; Edward Michael Peters; Ricardo Perobelli Borba; Sônia Denise Ferreira RochaVol.31 No.119-41Free access
Recycling of plastic waste as coarse aggregate in concrete for sustainable developmentRamakrishna Bag; Subham Agarwal; Subham Subhasish Baral; Aman Kumar Singhal; Kishor BiswasVol.31 No.11-18Free access