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International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making (IJEPDM)

International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Smart city in Europe: comparative analysis between Italy and Germany developmentGabriella Arcese; Louisa Schabel; Grazia Chiara Elmo; Mario RissoVol.2 No.4330-359Free access
Natural urban farming as a mean to connect community to sustainable food: the case of demonstration garden in Tor MancinaSara Spognardi; Claudio Beni; Ilenia Bravo; Enrica Iannucci; Patrizia PapettiVol.2 No.4322-329Free access
Water management below the outlet - a survey-based analysis on the Indus Basin irrigation system in PakistanMark Oelmann; Jonathan Schulze; Nora Zimmermann; Benedikt RotersVol.2 No.4304-321Free access
Business model innovation for the energy management of building networks in smart citiesCarlo Amendola; Marco SavastanoVol.2 No.4291-303Free access
Review of rainwater harvesting policies in Ghana: lessons for developing countriesAnthony Amoah; Clement Dorm-Adzobu; Ben Yaw AmpomahVol.2 No.4271-290Free access