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International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making (IJEPDM)

International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Assessment of investment system for rural resources and water quality management: multi-objective optimisation of interregional sustainable developmentShoichi KiyamaVol.1 No.177-96Free access
Shades of green technologies: identification of significant parameters affecting the performance of green technologies in buildingsShariar Makarechi, Laleh YerushalmiVol.1 No.164-76Free access
Application of an optimisation model to studying some aspects of Russia's economic developmentB.V. Digas, V.L. RozenbergVol.1 No.151-63Free access
Time-series change detection approach for flood modellingRifaat AbdallaVol.1 No.140-50Free access
A multi-objective mathematical programming framework for a sustainability analysis of wastewater treatment processesOmar Romero-Hernandez, Antonin Ponsich, Sergio Romero Hernandez, Miguel De Lascurain, Jose AquinoVol.1 No.117-39Free access
Sustainable energy technology transfers through the CDM? Application of participatory approaches for decision making facilitationCharikleia Karakosta, Alexandros Flamos, Haris Doukas, Asher VaturiVol.1 No.11-16Free access