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International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing (IJEMR)

International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The determinants and consequences of website credibility in e-retailing: examining the roles of ethical issuesYam B. Limbu; Ricard W. JensenVol.9 No.189-108Free access
Online sales promotion in hedonic versus utilitarian product categoriesRavi Narayanaswamy; Richard A. HeiensVol.9 No.177-88Free access
The role of communication channel in delivering service recovery in online shopping environmentNa Young Jung; Yoo-Kyoung SeockVol.9 No.159-76Free access
Classifying customer 'wow', 'aha', and 'cool' affect through arousal: a study on mobile usersPrince Dubey; Naval Bajpai; Sanjay GuhaVol.9 No.137-58Free access
Consumers' perceptions on green and smart furniture innovationIoannis Papadopoulos; Glykeria Karagouni; Marios TrigkasVol.9 No.122-36Free access
Understanding the role of web-benefits in cross-buyingVishal Vyas; Sonika RaitaniVol.9 No.11-21Free access