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International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics (IJEME)

International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Market competition and employment in construction sector in the USA: evidence from trade liberalisationHossein Shahri; Hamid NoghanibehambariVol.6 No.4292-316Free access
Model for measuring the effect of incentive schemes, tariff regimes and technological innovations on change of consumer behaviour on energy savings: a study based on Sri Lankan electricity consumers in the domestic sectorW. Jayaratne; S.W.S.B. Dasanayaka; D.M. MudaligeVol.6 No.4272-291Free access
Fiscal implications of special economic zones in India: a study of Noida SEZNarendra Kumar Bishnoi; BabitaVol.6 No.4259-271Free access
The Algerian natural gas in light of the regional gas markets' developmentsYassine Laib; Dounya Boudada; Riad AbadliVol.6 No.4243-258Free access