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International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics (IJEME)

International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Implementing a lean production system on a food company: a case studyMª Victoria De-La-Fuente Aragón; Lorenzo Ros-McDonnellVol.5 No.1/2129-142Free access
The new technology-based firm profile required for a delimitation of its definition in empirical studiesJuan Antonio Torrecilla García; Agnieszka Grazyna Skotnicka; Dolores Tous ZamoraVol.5 No.1/2114-128Free access
Brief analysis of the discovery of America as a success case for the project stakeholder managementGuillermo Montero; Adolfo Lopez-Paredes; Javier Pajares; Luis OnievaVol.5 No.1/2104-113Free access
Supply chain integration, a key strategic capability for improving product and service value propositions: empirical evidenceAlberto De La Calle; Esther Alvarez; Inmaculada FreijeVol.5 No.1/289-103Free access
Using inter-enterprise architecture as an instrument for decision-making under the arrival of unexpected events in hierarchical production planningAlix Vargas; Andrés Boza; Llanos Cuenca; Angel OrtizVol.5 No.1/273-88Free access
INDITEX, a model company in the implementation of sustainable human resource managementAna M. Mejías; Nuria Garrido; Juan E. PardoVol.5 No.1/259-72Free access
A multiobjective fuzzy model for selecting and planning a project portfolio in a public organisationFátima Pérez; Rafael Caballero; Ana F. Carazo; Trinidad Gómez; Vicente LiernVol.5 No.1/248-58Free access
Improving the collaborative network performance through the activation of compatible strategiesBeatriz Andres; Raul PolerVol.5 No.1/235-47Free access
A systematic approach for the analysis of the economic viability of investment projectsJosé Donizetti De Lima; Marcelo Gonçalves Trentin; Gilson Adamczuk Oliveira; Dayse Regina Batistus; Dalmarino SettiVol.5 No.1/219-34Free access
Justice and emotions in service recovery: a complaint in B2C e-commerceAlberto Urueña; Antonio HidalgoVol.5 No.1/23-18Free access