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International Journal of Earthquake and Impact Engineering (IJEIE)

International Journal of Earthquake and Impact Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimal damper placement in hybrid control system of multiple isolation and building connectionGoki Tamura; Masaki Taniguchi; Kohei Fujita; Masaaki Tsuji; Izuru TakewakiVol.2 No.167-87Free access
Implications of adopting different force reductions in seismic design of RC buildingsAman Mwafy; Hilal MahmoudVol.2 No.146-66Free access
Closed-form rocking vibration of rigid block under critical and non-critical double impulseRyo Taniguchi; Kunihiko Nabeshima; Kotaro Kojima; Izuru TakewakiVol.2 No.132-45Free access
Effects of vertical irregularities and construction quality in seismic fragilities for reinforced concrete buildingsPathmanathan Rajeev; Solomon TesfamariamVol.2 No.11-31Free access