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International Journal of Electronic Finance (IJEF)

International Journal of Electronic Finance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Revisiting bank profitability, performance and stability in Asia Pacific (2012-2018) using the EAGLES frameworkDuong Dang; John VongVol.10 No.1/2116-130Free access
Social media sentiment, tariffs, and international equity pricingJesus Carmona; Natalya Delcoure; Francisco Haces FernandezVol.10 No.1/293-115Free access
Are Asian stock and house prices integrated or segmented?Habib Ur Rahman; Ghulam Ali Bhatti; Safdar Ullah Khan; Emmanuel S. AidooVol.10 No.1/279-92Free access
Predicting bitcoin prices - ANN approachNaresh Gopal; K.S. SenthilkumarVol.10 No.1/267-78Free access
Strategies and developments of Philippine telecommunications industry: revisiting the struggle, liberalisation and innovationsJason Lim Chiu; Candy Lim Chiu; Han-Chiang Ho; Somkiat MansumitrchaiVol.10 No.1/243-66Free access
Have pure-play internet banks caught up with traditional and hybrid banks over the past decade?Yu Zhang; Charles E. Teague; Randall Hucks; KaylaRose RobisonVol.10 No.1/223-42Free access
Impact of corporate governance practices on financial performance: evidence from non-financial sector of PakistanHabib Ur Rahman; Mahwish Rafique; Zahid Ali Akbar; Emmanuel S. AidooVol.10 No.1/21-22Free access