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International Journal of Economics and Accounting (IJEA)

International Journal of Economics and Accounting

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Assessing internal audit function and public sector performance in NigeriaAyobami Oladejo; Chijioke NwachukwuVol.10 No.197-111Free access
Nippon economic thinking during the Meiji restorationMarius-Ioan MihuțVol.10 No.188-96Free access
Corporate social responsibility as an element of good corporate governance - a chronology of its historical and contemporary developmentCarolin AlthoffVol.10 No.157-87Free access
Analogue valuation of micro companies belonging to the retail sector in Mexico using key financial indicatorsEdgar Mauricio Flores Sánchez; Axel Rodríguez Batres; Javier Antonio Flores Delgado; Joaquin Bernardo Varela EspidioVol.10 No.127-56Free access
Does accounting quality impact the cost of capital? An empirical study on the German capital marketMartin Knipp; Jochen ZimmermannVol.10 No.11-26Free access