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International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems (IJDSSS)

International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A testbed for experimental evaluation of efficient multimedia delivery over lossy networksMajid A. Al-Taee; Ala' F. Khalifeh; Ayman N. MurshedVol.1 No.169-85Free access
Wavelet transformation method to allocate the DVB-T signals peaksOmar R. Daoud; Qadri J. Hamarsheh; Ahlam A. DamatiVol.1 No.152-68Free access
Multi objective optimisation framework for smart metering in smart grids using multi-objective particle swarm optimisationPooja Bansal; Ajmer SinghVol.1 No.143-51Free access
Real-time healthcare monitoring system using wireless sensor networkK.M. Al-Aubidy; A.M. Derbas; A.W. Al-MutairiVol.1 No.126-42Free access
Adaptive coordinated control of multi-mobile manipulator systemsAbdelkrim Brahmi; Maarouf Saad; Guy Gauthier; Wen-Hong Zhu; Jawhar GhommamVol.1 No.13-25Free access