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International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems (IJDSSS)

International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Feature extraction for brain tumour analysis and classification: a reviewRajat Mehrotra; M.A. AnsariVol.4 No.1/2/3199-218Free access
Investigation of partial shading effect on PV array configurationVinaya Rana; M.A. Ansari; Yogesh K. ChauhanVol.4 No.1/2/3184-198Free access
Noise reducing performance of anisotropic diffusion filter and circular median filter in digital imagesNeha Mehta; S.V.A.V. Prasad; Leena AryaVol.4 No.1/2/3171-183Free access
Simulation of a model DC-DC converter with cascaded via improvement PFC with boost converter and THD using multiple loadsAnchal Yadav; Pratibha TiwariVol.4 No.1/2/3147-170Free access
Photovoltaic grid-connected with transformer less renewable source system with multilevel NPC inverterAnchal Yadav; Pratibha TiwariVol.4 No.1/2/3133-146Free access
A novel comparator - a cryptographic design in quantum dot cellular automataS. Umira R. Qadri; Z.A. Bangi; M. Tariq Banday; G. Mohiuddin Bhat; M. Rafiq BeighVol.4 No.1/2/3113-132Free access
A novel aggregation approach to reduce complexity of systemSadaf Naqvi; Ibraheem Nasiruddin; Sana AliVol.4 No.1/2/3100-112Free access
Age and gender related variations in human EEG signalsH.B.A.C. Pradeep; R.G.N. MeegamaVol.4 No.1/2/387-99Free access
Power optimised hybrid sorting-based median filteringN. Sambamurthy; M. KamarajuVol.4 No.1/2/380-86Free access
Design and test music recommendation system for online music websites using collaborative filtering approachTeddy Oswari; Tristyanti Yusnitasari; Reni Diah Kusumawati; Saurabh MittalVol.4 No.1/2/364-79Free access
A facial EMG data analysis for emotion classification based on spectral kurtogram and CNNVikram Kehri; R.N. AwaleVol.4 No.1/2/350-63Free access
Performance enhancement of the triboelectric energy harvester by forming rough surface polymer film using poly-dimethyl-siloxane +25 wt% water solutionAmit Sharma; Poonam AgarwalVol.4 No.1/2/340-49Free access
Investigating customer satisfaction towards music website in Indonesia and India: a comparative studyReni Diah Kusumawati; Teddy Oswari; Tristyanti Yusnitasari; Himanshu Dutt; Vijay Kumar ShuklaVol.4 No.1/2/317-39Free access
Identifying the stabilising regions of PI controller based on frequency specifications for a lab scale distillation columnR. Janani; Vinayambika S. Bhat; Indiran Thirunavukkarasu; V.I. GeorgeVol.4 No.1/2/31-16Free access