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International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism (IJDCET)

International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Digital photography and the digitalisation of foreign archivesChristopher GennariVol.1 No.1100-107Free access
An ontology-based system for intelligent matching of travellers' needs for Group Package ToursDimitris N. KanellopoulosVol.1 No.176-99Free access
From illumination to manuscript: a best practice in reconstruction of illuminated manuscriptsRuly Darmawan, Noeratri AndanwertiVol.1 No.164-75Free access
Art, science/technology and history museums on the webThomas Fotakis, Anastasios A. EconomidesVol.1 No.137-63Free access
Managing memory institutions portals: from HTML to CMS and towards applications in XML for multi-platformsPere Bascones, Cesar CarrerasVol.1 No.118-36Free access
Designing a knowledge-based tourism information systemLaurence Noel, Olivier Carloni, Nicolas Moreau, Stephanie WeiserVol.1 No.11-17Free access


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