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International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism (IJDCET)

International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Social media adoption: an exploratory international case study of hotel organisationsKarin HögbergVol.2 No.167-82Free access
The performance of Italian conservatories: a methodological proposalDomenico Celenza; Fabio Nappo; Alberto Giraldi; Martina FuscoVol.2 No.146-66Free access
The consumer journey in the digital age: the challenges faced by destination and place marketing agenciesPeter Scott; Tamsin Scott; Peter Stokes; Neil Moore; Simon M. Smith; Caroline Rowland; Tony WardVol.2 No.128-45Free access
Innovation and firm internationalisation: evidence from ItalyDaniela Federici; Valentino ParisiVol.2 No.116-27Free access
Discovering the role of innovation in contemporary business systems: an assessment technique from the literature analysisMaria Teresa BianchiVol.2 No.11-15Free access