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International Journal of Computational Medicine and Healthcare (IJCMH)

International Journal of Computational Medicine and Healthcare

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Extraction of breast cancer biomarker status using natural language processingPaul Dexter; Jinghua He; Jarod Baker; George Eckert; Abby Church; Ning Jackie ZhangVol.1 No.1112-120Free access
A comparison of structured data query methods versus natural language processing to identify metastatic melanoma cases from electronic health recordsJinghua He; Lawrence Mark; Charity Hilton; Joel Martin; Jarod Baker; Jon Duke; Siu L. Hui; Xiaochun Li; Paul DexterVol.1 No.1101-111Free access
Measuring the impact of certified electronic health record technology on cost, quality and safety outcomesJoseph G. Conte; Anyi Chen; Terrence Cahill; Ning J. Zhang; Fortunato Battaglia; Kenneth R. OngVol.1 No.188-100Free access
Soup burns and the roles played by viscosity, solid constituents, epidermal thickness and clothingHunter N. Hickman; Jared T. Powell; Tony K. Kerzmann; Alexandra C. Cox; Gavin A. Buxton; Carl RossVol.1 No.173-87Free access
Integrating the Kano model for optimising CPR-D training systemJingjing Liu; Huijun Xi; Li GuiVol.1 No.159-72Free access
A systematic literature review of data forecast and internet of things on the e-health landscapeGabriel Souto Fischer; Rodrigo Da Rosa Righi; Vinicius Facco Rodrigues; Cristiano André Da CostaVol.1 No.134-58Free access
Simulation and analysis of HIV-AIDS dynamicsJimbo Henri Claver; Jesus Pascal; Achile Mbassi; Pascal FoumaneVol.1 No.116-33Free access
A cellular automaton-based passive-acoustic technique for topological characterisation of objects in fluid with potential application to carotid artery plaquesMatthew Allan Burley Delaney; Gillian PearceVol.1 No.15-15Free access