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International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems (IJCCBS)

International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Formal approach based on petri nets using agent paradigm for m-maintenanceKhadija Abid; Leila Hayet Mouss; Okba Kazar; Laid KahloulVol.7 No.191-117Free access
Failure detector-Ring Paxos-based atomic broadcast algorithmNadjette Rebouh; Ifeticene Ryma Asma; Aidoun Naoual; Louiza Bouallouche-MedjkouneVol.7 No.178-90Free access
Modelling and performance analysis of video and voice streams in the IEEE 802.11e-EDCA WLANs with TXOP bursting under fading channelMohand Yazid; Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune; Djamil AïssaniVol.7 No.159-77Free access
On the dependability evaluation of a virtual multiple input multiple output linkMohamed Escheikh; Kamel BarkaouiVol.7 No.143-58Free access
Analysing reward measures of LARES performability models by discontinuous Markov chainsAlexander Gouberman; Martin Riedl; Markus SiegleVol.7 No.122-42Free access
Modelling and analysis data fragmentation in IEEE 802.15.4 slotted CSMA/CA protocol without ACK modeMouloud Atmani; Djamil Aïssani; Yassine Hadjadj-AoulVol.7 No.14-21Free access