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International Journal of Competitiveness (IJC)

International Journal of Competitiveness

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Do foreign direct investments accelerate economic growth? The case of the Republic of MacedoniaSelma Kurtishi-Kastrati; Veland Ramadani; Léo-Paul Dana; Vanessa RattenVol.1 No.171-98Free access
How can the major European oil and gas companies continue to be competitive? A comparative analysis between 2000 and 2008Othman ColeVol.1 No.153-70Free access
Manufacturing strategy implementation and performance benchmarking in Indian packaging product manufacturing companiesPradip P. Patil; B.E. Narkhede; Milind M. AkarteVol.1 No.133-52Free access
The role of institutions for collaboration in setting a competitive cluster ecosystem: the case of the French omega-3 clusterFernando G. Alberti; Jessica D. Giusti; Emanuele PizzurnoVol.1 No.14-32Free access