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International Journal of Business Performance Management (IJBPM)

International Journal of Business Performance Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Exploring the correlation between diversity and financial performance: an empirical studyMengsteab T. Beraki; Mussie T. Tessema; Parag Dhumal; Kathryn J. Ready; Sebhatleab KelatiVol.23 No.1/2206-223Free access
Predictors of turnover intention among multinational corporation employeesWong Foong Yee; Siew Imm Ng; Pang Im Lim; Xin-Jean LimVol.23 No.1/2186-205Free access
Designing online communication mix for machinery manufacturersSergiy Spivakovskyy; Tetiana Spivakovska; Oleksandr Zozulov; Iryna HeietsVol.23 No.1/2166-185Free access
The inter-relationship between foreign direct investments and unemployment: case study of China, India and SingaporeFlorida VeljanoskaVol.23 No.1/2154-165Free access
The impact of political connections on the level of cash holdings: evidence from Tunisian listed firmsNadia Ben Sedrine Goucha; Inoussa Boubacar; Nadia LoukilVol.23 No.1/2135-153Free access
The impact of the Dubai International Airport's activity volume on the Emirati stock marketJuan M. Dempere; Kennedy Prince ModuguVol.23 No.1/2118-134Free access
Relationship and causality between cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies, indexes and web search results during and prior to the COVID-19 pandemicDeni Memic; Selma Skaljic-Memic; M.N.S. Mohamed Noor Saif AlmehairiVol.23 No.1/299-117Free access
Impact of authentic leadership on employee engagement in the banking sector of KarachiMalik Muhammad Sheheryar Khan; Muhammad Muzammil GhayasVol.23 No.1/290-98Free access
Cultural distance or cultural similarity? A study of academic expatriates in the UAERoberta Fenech; Priya Baguant; Ihab AbdelwahedVol.23 No.1/276-89Free access
The readiness of workforce for the world of work in 2030: perceptions of university studentsBharti Pandya; Louise Patterson; Umar RuhiVol.23 No.1/254-75Free access
Micro-foundations as a grounding for readiness-for change in knowledge sharing initiativesKhalid Samara; Omar Al SerhanVol.23 No.1/234-53Free access
Towards a new model of productive Islamic financial mechanismsChokri Kooli; Mohammed Shanikat; Raed KanakriyahVol.23 No.1/217-33Free access
Market perception of efficient light source technologies: a case study on sustainable energy transitions in Sri LankaW. Jayaratne; S.W.S.B. Dasanayaka; Omar Al Serhan; Isra A. Alam; Fatin SamaraVol.23 No.1/24-16Free access