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International Journal of Business Innovation and Research (IJBIR)

International Journal of Business Innovation and Research

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
How designers benefit from free 3D design sharingAnnastiina RintalaVol.24 No.1147-166Free access
An inquiry on knowledge management in third-party logistics companiesSiti Norida Wahab; Nurhidayah Bahar; Nur Azirah Mat RadziVol.24 No.1124-146Free access
Measuring the effectiveness of first service encounter in public transportation: an empirical investigationGovind Nath SrivastavaVol.24 No.1100-123Free access
Transforming weaknesses into strengths through organisational shamans: the case of Colombian peace commissioner that signed the final agreementManuela Escobar-Sierra; Felipe Calderón-ValenciaVol.24 No.176-99Free access
Employee turnover intention in the milieu of human resource management practices: moderating role of work-life balanceNivethitha Santhanam; J. Ramesh Kumar; Vaijayanthee Kumar; Raiswa SahaVol.24 No.157-75Free access
Return of investment initiatives in business process managementLeandro Pereira; Pedro Sabido; José Pedro SantosVol.24 No.145-56Free access
Investigating actors and enablers of innovation using a service ecosystem lens: a modelling approachSanjai K. Parahoo; Sabiha Mumtaz; Madhavi Ayyagari; Heather L. Harvey; Mohammed Al KhazrajiVol.24 No.125-44Free access
The impact of corporate social responsibility on word-of-mouth through the effects of customer trust and customer commitment in a serial multiple mediator modelAzamussan Syed; Munuswamy ShanmugamVol.24 No.11-24Free access