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International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics (IJBGE)

International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mentoring Islamic banks: the extent of the adoption of Bangladeshi CSR disclosure practices by Jaiz Bank NigeriaUmar Habibu Umar; Md Harashid Haron; Sulaiman MusaVol.16 No.1106-127Free access
Impact of corporate social responsibility on financial performance of energy firms in IndiaAkanksha Shukla; GeetikaVol.16 No.188-105Free access
Enhancing employee's work ethics and social responsibility awareness in Chinese organisations: the roles of Confucian diligence tradition, western values and participative leadershipThi Hong Nhung Nguyen; Quey-Jen YehVol.16 No.154-87Free access
The effect of corporate governance on managers' job performanceBassem E. Maamari; Georges T. DoumetVol.16 No.139-53Free access
A value-based leadership model grounded in historySümeyye Kuşakcı; Senad BusatlicVol.16 No.116-38Free access
Personal business ethics in global business: a cross-cultural study between France and the USALam D. Nguyen; Jet Mboga; Wai Kwan Lau; Loan N.T. Pham; Thomas TannerVol.16 No.11-15Free access