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International Journal of Business Excellence (IJBEX)

International Journal of Business Excellence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mediating role of information silence between destructive leadership and counterproductive work behaviour: evidence from the tanners' sector of PakistanSohail Younus; Rizwan Qaiser Danish; Shrafat Ali Sair; Samar RahiVol.26 No.1115-135Free access
A study on modern teaching pedagogy with special reference to outcome-based education systemSachin Kumar Srivastava; Khushboo AgnihotriVol.26 No.195-114Free access
Sustainable implementation drivers and barriers of lean-agile manufacturing in original equipment manufacturers: a literature review studyParthiban Srinivas; Vidyadhar V. Gedam; Balkrishna E. Narkhede; Vaibhav S. Narwane; Ashwini GotmareVol.26 No.161-94Free access
Dynamics of lifestyle psycho-demographic parameters in food and grocery retail outletsAnuradha ArthanariVol.26 No.142-60Free access
Balancing reactions and actions between service receivers and service providers to resolve service failuresIrma Magaña Carrillo; Göran Svensson; Carmen Otero-NeiraVol.26 No.120-41Free access
E-advertising: a conceptual framework of opportunities offered, and challenges posed to the consumersSarika Ahlluwalia; Seema SinghVol.26 No.11-19Free access