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International Journal of Business and Data Analytics (IJBDA)

International Journal of Business and Data Analytics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysis of mediation effect of country-of-origin image on brand equityVishal Jain; Shalini BariarVol.1 No.189-109Free access
Analysing the relationship between idiosyncratic risk and strategic capabilities using penalty-based selection and shrinkage methodsWenbin Sun; Sudhakar RajuVol.1 No.169-88Free access
Three years - three moves - government verdicts to renovate customary 'Bharat' to contemporary 'India': evaluation of opinions from citizensRiktesh SrivastavaVol.1 No.154-68Free access
A study to enhance candidate screening process using similarity analysisAnshul Ujlayan; Manisha SharmaVol.1 No.141-53Free access
Searching efficient estimator of population variance using tri-mean and third quartile of auxiliary variableS.K. Yadav; Dinesh K. Sharma; S.S. MishraVol.1 No.130-40Free access
Multiple testing in the world of business - when and how?Nicolle ClementsVol.1 No.116-29Free access
Sustained business competitive advantage with data analyticsAdarsh Garg; D.P. GoyalVol.1 No.14-15Free access