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International Journal of Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies (IJBC)

International Journal of Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Trends in building fungible blockchains for data and value exchangeSurekha Thota; Gopal Krishna ShyamVol.2 No.183-101Free access
Decentralised application for crowdfunding using blockchain technologyH.L. Gururaj; V. Janhavi; Abhishek M. Holla; Ashwin A. Kumar; R. Bhumika; Sam GoundarVol.2 No.168-82Free access
Blockchain in accounting: challenges and future prospectsAsif Iqbal Baba; Subash Neupane; Fan Wu; Fanta F. YarohVol.2 No.144-67Free access
Network hype and asset pricing of cryptocurrencies: evidence based on a Google-attention approachAifan Ling; Zhikai ZhuVol.2 No.119-43Free access
ChainElastic: a cloud computing resource elasticity model for IoT-based blockchain applicationsVinicius Facco Rodrigues; Josué Valtair Silva e Silva; Rodrigo Da Rosa Righi; Cristiano André Da Costa; Alex RoehrsVol.2 No.11-18Free access