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Regular Issues

  • Legal Issues and Risks Associated with Cryptocurrency (in Nigeria): Regulation for Use and Integration for Its Possibilities   Order a copy of this article
    by MATTHEW GIDIGBI, Gbenga F. Babarinde, Olusegun A. Adewusi, IbukunOluwa Akinrinde 
    Abstract: FinTech inspired many initiatives and innovations in the provision of financial services. Fintech was accolade as an aiding tool in improving financial inclusion. FinTech as coined has another side from which digital currency evolved. The advent of digital finance (such as cryptocurrency) excited the crypto-arbitrageurs due to the gain in wealth without considering the legality and risks associated with its transactions. Meanwhile, making cryptocurrency a store of value and/or speculating with it, may cart away huge investible fund from individuals and the economy at large. There are many more risks associated with cryptocurrency. Therefore, there is a need for regulation of the cryptocurrency towards protection and harnessing the generative potential of the currency. Meanwhile, the approach should be gain-gain by the way of regulation for use and integration of the cryptocurrency possibilities towards the provision of efficient and effective (financial) services in all sectors.
    Keywords: cryptocurrency; FinTech; risks; financial services; digital currency; regulation; blockchain.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBC.2021.10040472
  • Blockchain Technology Solutions in Healthcare: A Systematic Review   Order a copy of this article
    by Mahd Alzoubi 
    Abstract: The healthcare systems are making changes by incorporating technological innovations to serve patients and secure medical data. Blockchain is an emerging field that has become one of the most examined techniques for managing and securing data transfer over trusted peer-to-peer systems. This study focuses on the existing literature to identify the challenges and solutions in healthcare systems. Several research articles were thoroughly examined and analysed to conclude how blockchain technology can overcome security challenges in the healthcare sector. This paper was completed using a systematic literature review to find and aggregate all relevant studies to answer specific research questions. The anticipated contribution of this paper is to provide an overview for healthcare organisations and practitioners to understand the significance of blockchain technology solutions in healthcare. In addition, to motivate and provide direction for advancing knowledge to better secure, distribute, and manage medical data.
    Keywords: blockchain; security; trust; privacy; peer-to-peer; IoT; cloud computing; EHR.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBC.2021.10041683
  • Blockchain and Digital Transformation of Insurance Business Models   Order a copy of this article
    by Ahad ZareRavasan, Michal Kr?ál, Amir Ashrafi 
    Abstract: The blockchain has recently received significant attention from researchers and practitioners, highlighting its perceived impact and emerging disruption potential. However, most of the literature on blockchain is dedicated to the banking sector, with limited attention to other sectors and answering how blockchain technology may affect business models. This research examines how the adoption of blockchain technology transforms business model components in the insurance industry. We performed a qualitative research through a multi-case study analysis of three blockchain implementations in the insurance sector. Based on the data, we identified that blockchain technology has the potential to contribute to the digital transformation of business models in all aspects. This research provides insightful implications for blockchain and insurance relevant researchers and executives.
    Keywords: blockchain; business model; distributed ledger technology; digital transformation; insurance.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBC.2021.10041701