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International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies (IJASS)

International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysing data from a bunch of transactions (block of a blockchain) can lead to optimisation of business decisionsZoannos M. Nikolaos; Assimakopoulos NikitasVol.9 No.3293-304Free access
Key barriers in the growth of engineering education in the context of Chhattisgarh state: a fuzzy Kano and TISM integrated approachNaveen Jain; Prateek Sharma; Bhagwati Charan PatelVol.9 No.3261-292Free access
Analysis of image forgery detection using convolutional neural networkChiluveru Gnaneshwar; Manish Kumar Singh; Satyendra Singh Yadav; Bunil Kumar BalabantarayVol.9 No.3240-260Free access
Cryptocurrencies: from characteristics to behavioursRui Gonçalves; Leandro Pereira; Renato Lopes Da Costa; Álvaro Dias; Natália TeixeiraVol.9 No.3214-239Free access
Inventory automation practices and productivity: a study on steel manufacturing firmsRashmi Ranjan Panigrahi; Duryodhan Jena; Padma Charan MishraVol.9 No.3195-213Free access