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International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication (IJAMC)

International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Verification of the performance of respiratory synchronisation radiation switchgear by using imaging techniqueMun Kyu Park; Seung Woo Park; Jae-Hwan Bae; Dong Hoon LeeVol.6 No.193-101Free access
A Unity3D-based mobile fashion coordination systemDaejin Kim; Wooyeol Ryu; Seungho Lee; Byungsu Lim; Sangjun LeeVol.6 No.186-92Free access
Design and implementation smart device control system based on indoor positioningDoohwan Lim; Gilsu Lim; Jonguk Lee; Minsu Kang; Sangjun LeeVol.6 No.173-85Free access
MAP task allocation strategy in an ARM-based Hadoop cluster by using local storage as split cacheBongen Gu; Yoonsik KwakVol.6 No.165-72Free access
Pedestrian-to-vehicle communication-based safety message transmission for the elderly in the conflict areaWoong ChoVol.6 No.157-64Free access
Using circular dot pattern code tag for medical information on the round type medical packageJae Youn Shim; Seong-Whan KimVol.6 No.148-56Free access
Swing analysis by body type with golf shot analysing deviceJaeyoung Park; Minwoo Cheon; Jongjin Bae; Jungchul LeeVol.6 No.139-47Free access
Unsupervised method of word sense disambiguation for real time associated word identification in human-robot interactionSukjae Choi; Ohbyung KwonVol.6 No.120-38Free access
Advanced assessment model for improving effectiveness of information security measurementJunseob Yoon; Kyungho LeeVol.6 No.14-19Free access