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Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications (AJMSA)

Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Strategical agility, rigidity and paradox in talent management: SMEs in South KoreaHyun Mi ParkVol.7 No.182-101Free access
Studies on quality canyon phenomenon in macro-quality improvementJian Wang; Chen LiVol.7 No.159-81Free access
A survey on container stacking problems based on a conceptual classification scheme: limitations and future trendsInes Rekik; Sabeur ElkosantiniVol.7 No.123-58Free access
Modeling and simulation of organisational knowledge creation process with consideration of dialogueMorihiko Iinuma; Naoki Shiba; Miyako Homma; Toshio SaitoVol.7 No.11-22Free access