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Regular Issues

  • Identification of groups due to generic strategies among private primary schools using CFA   Order a copy of this article
    by Subhadip Sarkar 
    Abstract: Strategic group analysis (SGA) based on the generic strategy has been a highly researched domain to understand the strategies of the firms, the formation of groups due to similar strategic inclination and their means for attaining leadership in an industry. This type of analysis, however, is rarely performed in the context of private primary schools. This paper attempts to detect such groups using primary data collected from the 20 schools (out of 35) selected randomly within Durgapur. The sole objective is to distinguish those schools which adopt cost leadership strategies to remain relatively more attractive to the students belonging to poorer sections of society, as 90% of the population falls below the middle level of the Income group. The classification of a firm in terms of cost leadership or a differentiator is possible owing to the application of exploratory factor analysis followed by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The study reveals that seven schools, which pursue cost reduction principles, are to some extent prone to teach pupils from relatively lower economic classes, stressing the variables like relatively cheaper fee structure, staff engaged in other duties, or improving operational efficiency, etc.
    Keywords: confirmatory factor analysis; CFA; private primary schools; strategic group analysis; SGA.
    DOI: 10.1504/AJMSA.2023.10056189
  • A review of literature on engineer-to-order production systems   Order a copy of this article
    by Nirmala N. Liyanaarachchi, Jiahua Weng, Shingo Akasaka 
    Abstract: Product customisation is becoming commonplace for a variety of products, owing to the rise in demand for customised products across many product horizons. Engineer-to-order manufacturing systems play a key role in the production of highly customised products. However, they have not received the same attention as mass production systems within the literature. Hence, there needs to be a comprehensive understanding of the state of the art on research regarding the ETO production systems. This paper is focused on reviewing literature on research published regarding ETO production systems, to identify how the research has evolved over time and the major issues pertaining to the ETO production systems at present.
    Keywords: high-variety low-volume production; customised production systems; engineer-to-order; ETO; production system categorisation; product customisation.
    DOI: 10.1504/AJMSA.2023.10057337
  • How to make decisions in rural agri-food supply chains with cold storages: policies on planting, store and sale   Order a copy of this article
    by Yue Bai 
    Abstract: In order to mitigate the deterioration of fresh agri-products, cold storages are built accelerating in rural areas. Different from traditional supply chains, it would be more flexible for the operation of rural agri-food supply chains with cold storages. The grower may not only sell the produce in in-season but also be engaged in cross-season. As a result, the grower may face both random yield and two-stage stochastic demand. How to make optimal policies in such a supply chain is a significant subject for the grower. This paper provides the grower with solutions for planting, store and sale to maximise his profit. We propose a single-period three-stage model for growers, find the solution to make the optimal planting quantity and derive the optimal rental capacity of cold storages. Numerical examples prove the reasonableness of the model and give management insights that the grower can improve planting technology and management, and demand forecast ability to make a higher profit.
    Keywords: cold storages; planting policy; fresh agri-products; supply chain management; random yield; stochastic demand.
    DOI: 10.1504/AJMSA.2023.10058170