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American Journal of Finance and Accounting (AJFA)

American Journal of Finance and Accounting

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Predicting financial distress in an emerging market: corporate actions, accounting ratios, or both?Azhar Mohamad; Mohamed Azad; Imtiaz Mohammad SifatVol.6 No.3/4314-331Free access
Effect of the 2016 OPEC production cut announcement on the default likelihood of the oil industry and commercial banksKenneth J. Hunsader; Kyre Dane Lahtinen; Chris M. LawreyVol.6 No.3/4297-313Free access
Bubbles in the virtual finance: an application of the Phillips-Wu-Yu (2011) methodology on the bitcoin priceMyriam Ben Osman; Kamel NaouiVol.6 No.3/4284-296Free access
A comparison of forecasting performance and systematic risk across different political environmentsAdam Stivers; Serkan Karadas; Adam HofferVol.6 No.3/4266-283Free access
How external auditor quality moderates the relation between internal audit committee effectiveness and accounting conservatismSaif Ur-Rehman; Faisal Khan; Dalia Ali Mostafa Hemdan; Hashim KhanVol.6 No.3/4252-265Free access
The behaviour of stock returns under price limits, a truncated time series approachEymen Errais; Jawhar AlbachaVol.6 No.3/4223-251Free access
Local information concentration and stock price informativenessMichael Hyman; Scott DuellmanVol.6 No.3/4201-222Free access