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International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IJISE)

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A new hybrid method for optimising multi-surface problems: DSM method (power plants of Iran)Elham ShadkamVol.43 No.1115-136Free access
Production and construction quality management system of prefabricated buildings based on BIM technologyHuilin Liu; Yadi DuanVol.43 No.1103-114Free access
Modelling of critical success factors for blockchain technology adoption readiness in the context of agri-food supply chainVipulesh Shardeo; Anchal Patil; Ashish Dwivedi; Jitender MadaanVol.43 No.180-102Free access
A decision support system for selecting augmentative and alternative communication devicesEduardo Pérez; Mahima Sajan Varghese; Amy Louise SchwarzVol.43 No.159-79Free access
A machine learning algorithm for scheduling a burn-in oven problemM. Mathirajan; Reddy Sujan; M. Vimala Rani; Pujara DhavalVol.43 No.120-58Free access
Simulation-based optimisation: analysis of the emergency department resources under COVID-19 conditionsShahla Jahangiri; Milad Abolghasemian; Peiman Ghasemi; Adel Pourghader ChobarVol.43 No.11-19Free access