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International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC)

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Towards providing middleware-level proactive resource reorganisation for elastic HPC applications in the cloudRodrigo Da Rosa Righi; Vinicius Facco Rodrigues; Igor Fontana De Nardin; Cristiano André Da Costa; Marco Antonio Zanata Alves; Maurício Aronne PillonVol.10 No.176-92Free access
Cost-aware hybrid cloud scheduling of parameter sweep calculations using predictive algorithmsStig Bosmans; Glenn Maricaux; Filip Van Der Schueren; Peter HellinckxVol.10 No.163-75Free access
A data replication strategy for document-oriented NoSQL systemsKhaoula Tabet; Riad Mokadem; Mohamed Ridda LaouarVol.10 No.153-62Free access
A novel integrated framework for securing online instructor-student communicationMaher Salem; Khalid Samara; Mohammed Saeed AldhaheriVol.10 No.142-52Free access
How mutual information interprets anomalies using different clusteringZakea Il-agure; Belsam AttallahVol.10 No.136-41Free access
High-speed gesture modelling through boundary analysis of active signals from wearable data gloveAndrews Samraj; Ramesh Kumarasamy; Kalvina Rajendran; Karthik SelvarajVol.10 No.129-35Free access
Evaluating the affordances of wearable technology in educationBelsam Attallah; Zakea Il-agureVol.10 No.122-28Free access
Energy harvesting techniques for routing issues in wireless sensor networksSheeraz Ahmed; Muhammad Ayub Khan; Atif Ishtiaq; Zahoor Ali Khan; Malik Taimur AliVol.10 No.110-21Free access
Educational data modelling using curve fitting and average uniform algorithmAzmi Alazzam; Ban Al-OmarVol.10 No.13-9Free access